Aerotropolis, Kannur

Aerotropolis is an urban form comprising aviation-intensive businesses and related enterprises extending outward from major airports, similar to a traditional metropliswhich contains a central city core and its commuter-linked suburbs. An aerotropolis has an Airport City at its core and is surrounded by clusters of aviation-related enterprises. Traditionally Kannur is viewed as an industrially backward district. But various factors such as fertile soil, salubrious climate, rich forests, enormous fishing potentials, minerals, and the existing infrastructural facilities like road, rail, inland water transport, etc. offers ample scope for development of further industries in the district. Aerotropolises are powerful driving force for economic development, attracting air-commerce-linked businesses to the land surrounding airports. They attract industries related to time-sensitive manufacturing, e-commerce fulfillment, telecommunications and logistics; hotels, retail outlets, entertainment complexes, exhibition centers and offices for business people who travel frequently by air or engage in global commerce.