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INKEL EKK Roads Pvt Ltd

INKEL EKK Roads Pvt Ltd
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INKEL-EKK Roads Private Limited (INKEL-EKK) is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) incorporated by INKEL LIMTED & EKK Infrastructure Private Limited (EKK) with the objective to execute the Project ‘Rehabilitation of State Highways and Major District Roads-Package B’ in Kottayam & Thiruvananthapuram Districts in Kerala. The SPV was registered as a Private Limited Company with the Registrar of Companies Kerala on 21st January, 2016. Thus, INKEL-EKK was promoted to execute the project as mandated by the bid conditions and not by splitting / reconstruction of an existing business.

About the Project

The Company has been awarded with the work of Rehabilitation of State Highways and Major District Roads in Kottayam/ Thiruvananthapuram districts on DBFMT (Design, Build, Finance, Maintain and Transfer) by Road Infrastructure Company Kerala Limited (RICKL), a Company owned by Govt of Kerala, on Annuity basis.


  • Length of Road: 36.10 KM
  • Overlapping Sections: 2.40KM (Ch 0+00 to 2+400)
  • Carriage Way Width: 5.5 m – 10 m
  • Classification: SH (State Highway)
  • Major Junctions: 4 Nos
  • Minor Junction: 40 Nos
  • Major Town/Villages: Kanjirappalli, Erattupettah, Muttam


  • Length of Road: 21.90 KM
  • Overlapping Sections: 2.00KM (Ch 5.2-5.7, 17-18.5)
  • Carriage Way Width: 5.50 m – 7 m
  • Classification: MDR (Major District Road)
  • Major Junctions: 5 Nos
  • Minor Junction: 27 Nos
  • Major Town/Villages: Vellanad, Aryanad, Parantode, Chayam, Chettachal

Total Length of Road RICK package “B” = 58 Km